Say hello to the new you!

Have you been feeling tired, with decreased energy and endurance and  been unable to keep up with the kids and have attributed these things to getting old.  You might just have Low Testosterone.


At by Fit-Life MD, our goal is to help you regain that confidence and energy you once had by restoring your testosterone levels to normal levels. Our physicians are highly skilled in the treatment of Low testosterone and the different modalities of Testosterone Replacement Therapy and will help you feel rejuvenated and energized once again.  So if you think you might have low testosterone or have already been told that your testosterone levels are low, come by and get started and start enjoying your new you. 

Our Facility by Fit-Life MD


Founded: 2013


Areas of expertise: 

Internal Medicine, Physician Managed Weight loss Programs, Testosterone Replacement Therapy, Personal Training and Fitness. 

Company Profile is part of Fit-Life MD.  The facilities are equipped with a large reception area with 55" LCD TV for your enjoyment and comfortable sofas while you wait.  We also have a fully equipped fitness facility and complementary bottled water and coffee.

TEL: (210) 892-2118 ; FAX: (210) 892-1211

About Us

Unlike other Testosterone Replacement Therapy centers, is managed and staffed by Board-Certified Internal Medicine physicians.  What difference does this make, most Testosterone Replacement Therapy Centers will only treat patients who have no other medical issues or if they have other conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure, they must be well controlled for you to be treated but at, our physicians will control your other illnesses and start you on your Testosterone Replacement therapy as long as you have no contraindications for therapy.  Our physicians will manage not only your low testosterone but also your other medical illnesses providing a more comprehensive level of care than what other Testosterone Replacement Therapy centers can provide.